ninevolt - tales from a complete circuit

I don’t think WUAG has changed their off-program track in over 6 years. Heard this song 18 times in my rental car last week.

For my big sister Sarah who taught me about life. How men might see me, how to never see them. How to get lost, how to get found. How to steal and replace. How to shave my legs in a pinch, buy my own car. “Don’t let Anna drown you in the deep end.”  To trust. Trust until it gives you chills down your spine. How to leave an abuser. Bury your past. Sarah, I owe you so much.

Funny Thing Happened on the Elliptical Today - 

I don’t like Fiona Apple and I don’t like golf but something about the pairing of this song and The Masters on television was perfect.